Physical design training course

Training on complete Netlist to GDSII flow including initial design setup, Floorplanning, placement,power routing, scan chain reordering, global routing, Clock tree synthesis, power analysis, ECO and Design for manufacturability.

Analog layout

"The course deals with concepts in Second order effects, Digital logic gates, Fabrication concepts, Latch Up, Analog building blocks, Analog layout concepts like Module based floor plan techniques, Device Matching techniques, Routing techniques (Power, Signal), Shielding concepts, Deep sub-micron process challenges like Well proximity, LOD and STI effects, ESD concepts and Layout guidelines. Physical verification concepts like LVS, DRC and Antenna with Parasitic extraction and to reliability checks like EMIR analysis, DFM checks and ESD path checks. The trainees get to work on industry standard projects. The assignments are so designed to give clear understanding about developing layouts from schematics following the design constraints, process challenges and layout guidelines."

Digital design course

"Digital design training focuses on concepts as well as the implementation of combo and sequential logic design, circuit design concepts, FSM design, counters and implementation of designs in various architectures and all other essential digital design concepts."